keskiviikko, 25. toukokuu 2011

Time Flies and Summer Is Almost Here

We have celebrated another birthday on 16th of May when our “little baby boy” Santos had his 4th birthday. It is curios how time really flies. It is hard to believe that it is already four years from the phone call that told us that our long wait was over. Gilda had given birth to three puppies Saaga, Santos and Dali.  

Here they are on 16th of May less than a day old. Thank you Jaana for this photo!

Other event in last couple of weeks was for us already traditional Aptus International in Helsinki 22nd of May. This time I had Ursa and Tete entered. It is not very often that FCI 8 and 9 are in same day as they were in Aptus but it made easier to show both girls.  Our results were nice as Ursa went for BOB veteran and Tete got r-CC and her first rosette in Finland.  I have to say I am really proud of Ursa, she has been Best of Breed veteran in every show where she has been shown in veteran class. 

 It was lovely day in company of nice people. Thank you everyone


maanantai, 2. toukokuu 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Fera

Our little Fera celebrates today her 7th Birthday!


Fera and rest of our gang wishes happy birthday to all her litter sisters and brothers! Hopefully also many more to come.




Many thanks to breeder Eija and mom Geisha for this lovely and dear girl!  

tiistai, 26. huhtikuu 2011

Holiday and Eastern

Our whole gang has enjoyed vacation and Eastern last week. During our vacation we have visited relatives and attended Lahti International Dogshow on both days.

Our other activities included match show were Pasi made his depute with Santos (They made until last cut eg. within ten best out of over fifty competitors!) and some baking. We also ate what was baked…for example tons of Bébe cakes (pink topped and super sweet) and some of the cheese cake. There is still way too much of that cheese cake left at our fridge….
Tete at the Match Show
In official shows we had very nice results. Ursa made me proud and went Best of Breed veteran on Friday.
Ursa at the breed ring.
On Saturday Tete was in the ring and result was nice. She was second in junior class with CCQ. Her class was the biggest class in the breed and only 1st and 2nd got CCQ.  

Tete at t´he breed ring.

Only negative side of this vacation was that it was way too short…


tiistai, 12. huhtikuu 2011

First Quarter Results


First three months of 2011 have been incredible even we have attended only two shows.
Tallinn Int. in February Tete did it! She showed well and was BOB-junior with j-CAC. This meant that she became Estonian and Lithuanian j-Champion.
Second day Santos was BOS and first time out as veteran Ursa went BOB-veteran. I was really happy and proud of my girls and boy.
Second show of the year for us was Latvian Winner 2011 in Riga.
That was absolutely incredible day. First our little princess Tete won junior class with j-CAC and achieved two championships and one title so she is now Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian and Baltic j-Champion, Latvian Junior Winner 2011 Chic Choix Umatilla Lifar.
After that it was time to show Santos and Ursa. BOTH performed perfectly and result was
Santos CACIB, CAC, Latvian Winner 2011, Latvian and Baltic Champion and BOB
Ursa veteran CAC, Latvian VeteranWinner 2011 and BOS& BOB-veteran
Icing on the cake was provided by Ursa as she went for BIS-5 veteran in the main ring !!!

tiistai, 12. huhtikuu 2011

Recap of Year 2010

It has been long time for my last update and I think recap of year 2010 is in order.


2010 was really wonderful year in show ring and we did couple of superb trips with family and friends to Sweden, Denmark and Estonia plus a combined visit to grandparents and Sawo Show triple international show event.



Santos’s major achievements



·        Swedish Champion

·        Norwegian Champion

·        Nordic Champion

·        Estonian Champion

·        BIG -3 in Sawo Show Finland

·        Breed Clubs nr. 1 PWD male in Finland for 2010 and BOS in PWD of Year competition.



Ursa’s major achievements

Here BOS in Mynämäki All Breeds


·        Swedish Champion


Ursa was shown only few times in 2010 and it was really amazing that she achieved her Swedish Champion title at age of 7 years and at the first try in that country.  Ursa will be seen lot more in the show ring during 2011 as she celebrated her 8th Birthday at the end of November. 




Fera’s achievements


Fera was shown during 2010 few times without any notable results but she started to do agility again with our friend Kati. We are really grateful for Kati as agility is one of Fera’s favourite thing!



Last but not least Tete’s achievements


Tete started her show carrier in puppy shows and November in official classes with super results



·        1xBOB puppy with HP

·        2xBOB and BOB-junior and J-CAC in Estonia

·        1x BOB-junior and J-CAC in Lithuania where she was expertly handled by Seija


Her start laid a good foundation for 2011…



I can only say that I have got wonderful dogs so…

Thank you breeders!